Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Why Good Guys Finish Last

After telling my bestfriend a juicy story about,, some things, he suggested I do a blog post on why good guys finish last.

Sure, why not.

Now, there is no scientifically proven reason why, or if good guys actually finish last so these are simply my opinions.

I, personally, am obsessed with that bad boy persona. I'm a lover of the classic thug. Being born Muslim, I was surrounded by macho men growing up. Men who take charge and lead. Men who aren't afraid to use minor (nonviolent) force to assure they get what they want. I was also accustomed to women who submit to their deserving men. Women who would drop anything and anyone for their "King". This is a behavior that I studied and learned from childhood. I am very comfortable with, and believe in this way of thinking. Masculine macho men are dreamy. They don't take shit from anyone and command obedience and respect. A woman loves a man who can take charge and lead in any situation. It makes us feel safe and protected. Hence, why most women prefer a bad boy.

As a strong minded tough woman, a weak man wouldn't last a day in my life. A timid pushover male gives the impression that he can not protect or take care of his home. When in a relationship with a weaker non masculine male Or a "good guy", women tend to feel unprotected and not cared for (my ex husband *side eye*). History and tradition has conditioned our minds to believe the man is head of the home and relationship. If a woman suddenly becomes the clear leader in the relationship it begins to feel uncommon and uncomfortable. Hence, why most women don't go for the "good guy".

A masculine take charge man doesn't usually compromise. What he says goes. But, in my opinion, a true masculine man is usually right because he is knowledgeable and informed. So, he doesn't really need to compromise. A typical timid man is usually a pushover and is easily swayed by many things.

So, 9 times out of 10, when you ask a weaker and more timid "good guy" for something he'd say yes with no opposition. No leadership... 9 times out of 10, when you ask a masculine "bad boy" for something he's gonna say no and make you earn it. Or he'll say no because he's already thought it out and no is the best decision. For some reason, that's a turn on and extremely appealing to us women. The weaker "good guy" just comes off as that not so attractive nerd that we never wanted to date.


Now, don't get me wrong. I love a nerd. I love a geek who showers his woman with love. I believe all men should spoil their women rotten and give her exactly what she wants, if she deserves it. I believe a man should be soft and sensitive when it comes to his lady. But he should never be a weak pushover like most "good guys"... This is my type of man. I like to call him a "sensitive thug". A perfect balance between good and bad. Never a pushover punk. Always in charge and taking the lead. But also sensitive and smart enough to make his lady feel like a prize. It's a balance most men can't achieve. A balance desperately needed in todays relationships. A balance that only a true "good guy" can accomplish.

And so, with that being said, good guys are the winners and will always finish first. We just haven't taken the time to realize that true bad boys are just good guys in disguise.


Side note: So my bestfriend read this draft and he said "Bahiyah, this doesn't explain why good guys finish last" ... Well, if that doesn't explain it then try google.

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