Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Hey loves. 
I wanted to speak on being a sapiosexual really quickly. 

Definition of Sapiosexual :
(n.) A behavior of becoming attracted to or aroused by intelligence and its use.

I've always had this slight anti human attitude. I found, and still find, people to be the most annoying and frustrating creatures. From a very young age I decided not to have many friends which left me lonely and bored. I immediately took to books as a substitute to friends... And there is where my obsession with intelligence began. 

I was completely fascinated and slightly turned on by the knowledge and intelligence between each page. Flipping through the encyclopedia excited me. Reading articulate and punctual sentences gave me goose bumps. At the time, I had no clue that sapiosexuality was even a "thing". All I knew was the more I read and learned the more excited and eventually turned on I was. 

Years later I finally found, and locked in a best friend who was semi sapiosexual and the adventure truly began. We would talk to each other all day with shitloads of inquisitive banter and lots of articulation, knowledge and intelligence. I noticed my arousal and was intrigued to learn more. 

*Note: I will not speak in depth about the sexual parts of my fascination due to being a practicing muslimah.*

I finally stumbled on the term sapiosexual and was uber excited to have a name for my "condition". I was also super hype to discover an entire sapiosexual community! 

Sapiosexuality is not intercourse or some over sexual raunchy thing. It's actually the opposite, to me. It's not about looks or physical attraction and intercourse. It's the attraction to a persons mind and thoughts. The way they analyze and strategize. A true thinker and lover of thinkers. Someone who thinks a philosophical conversation is foreplay. 
*clutches pearls*

The downside of being sapiosexual is I find it very hard to have conversations with someone who isn't extremely articulate and intelligent. 
*side note: I'm working on it* 

Just a little more about me. 
My opinions, My stories, My bullshit! 

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