Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving: Why Are We Celebrating the Genocide of Native Americans!!

Yes hunty, I am about to throw major shade on your stupid meaningless holiday. 

Even as a young child I never understood these weird American holidays, especially Thanksgiving. And believe it or not, it has nothing to do with being Muslim. It has everything to do with common sense!

Stop following EVERYTHING blindly, without knowledge and research!!!! 

So many of you (myself included at one point) have been celebrating these evil and sick holidays and don't even know what it is you are celebrating. Some of you are upset and want me to shut up because of your family traditions as well as the amazing times and memories we have. But our memories and traditions do not erase the fact that we are celebrating the genocide of an entire people,  The American Indians. 

After the European terrorists succeeded in violently robbing the Indians of their land, with their infamous leader Christopher Columbus, they had a feast to celebrate their victory. This feast and celebration is what we call "Thanksgiving". How sick and fucking twisted is that. What really blows my mind is that we have been celebrating this murderous holiday for centuries without even asking or investigating what it is. Humans are such senseless followers. It's disgusting. 

The same thing goes for Christmas, Easter and dumb ass Halloween. Have you really taken time to research these deeply wicked "holidays"? 

I totally understand wanting to hold on to age old family traditions. Thanksgiving, in a black household, was absolutely something to remember. Our granny who made every dish with an abundance of love, our auntie who always won the dance contest, the drunk uncle who told the best stories, the amazing outfits, the family time and the yummiest selection of food that would give anyone the itis and days worth of leftovers. Mmmmmm!! ... 
But fuck that, it's time to stop blindly following these idiotic holidays and start thinking for ourselves. 

Let's celebrate a day of genuine thanks one month earlier, on October 26th, each year from now on. A day dedicated to eating with our families while being thankful for them. Not a day celebrating the murder of an entire race. We don't have to give up our traditions but we certainly need to adjust what we are celebrating and why we are celebrating it. 

My message is to stop allowing people and things to think for you. Do your research and stop blindly following everything. Next thing we know, we will be celebrating a black slavery holiday called Nigger Day and no one will even take to time to ask what it is. We will just celebrate because we are told to? Smh. 

And wait, there is more. We have the nerve to spend all of our hard working money on materialistic things the very next day while arguing and beating eachother up like fools on what they call "Black Friday". Smmfh. 

We gotta do better folks. 

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