Monday, November 2, 2015

Movie: 'Dope'

This movie was made for me. 

I was told about this amazing movie from a trusted friend who said it was a "must see".
By the time I decided to see it, it was out of most theatres and wasn't yet on DVD or online.

The mad hunt had begun.
I searched and searched but gave up after a few days.

A few months later (yesterday), I decided to look "On Demand" and it was there!!! 
I immediately ordered the movie and from the very first 30 seconds I was hooked. 

I laughed and laughed and screamed and laughed some more. I was like a big kid watching cartoons on a Saturday afternoon. Even showcasing a classic "jump up and down excitedly on the bed" move when a really good part came on. Its safe to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

The main character, Malcolm, was a true star. His wit and intelligence, his snarky responses and over analyzed yet calculated moves, his love of old school 90s Hip Hop music and clothes, and the fact that he was a geek had me glued to the TV. 

The guest appearances were epic. ASAP Rocky was hilarious as the resident drug dealing gangster. Zoe Kravitz was the perfect female love interest and Chanel Iman was topless!! ... Yes lawd. 

What made this movie so special was the underlying message of equality, which snuck up out of nowhere. And the icing on the cake, for me, was the music and how strategically it was placed in the movie. 

Soooooooooo good!!
Watch it. 

Bee Darling approved. 

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