Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Grow Up! Why Being Promiscuous Is For The Youngins.

Don't listen to Amber Rose!! 
Being a slut is just plain ol nasty 
*makes stank face*

I'll only speak on it briefly. I'm mostly writing this because I know some of you need to and want to hear it. 

Sleeping with another person is so passionate. It's so incredibly intimate. Having relations with someone is such a mind blowing experience where souls and emotions and energy and vibes and yumminess is exchanged. I believe that having sex with someone is such a deep emotional connection where we actually exchange spiritual vibes and energy.
Now tell me, why would you want such an amazing vibe and energy swapped with some disgusting and possibly disease infested yuck ball?

People hardly ever respect or would ever take a promiscuous slut serious. So you're sleeping with, and exchanging bodily fluids with someone who would never even consider looking at you as a long term person in their lives. Tsk Tsk. Not sure about you but I find these facts extremely disturbing.

So now you've caught another body (meaning you've added another sexual partner to your list of partners), and you're more than likey stressed and depressed because another person doesn't want your community goods (community goods meaning, some pussy or dick that the whole community shares *side eye*).

As grown adults we should know better. We should be more invested in ourselves after a certain age and maturity. We should be feeling out or settling down with potential life partners. There shouldn't be a revolving door of partners. How can anyone have a steady life and future when there are tons of different people in and out of your life?

My suggestion is to be alone for a while. Learn yourself inside and out. Your likes and dislikes, turn ons and turn offs. Learn yourself so much that you'll know exactly what kind of partner would fit perfectly in to your story book called life. Get with that person and ride for them the way they should be riding for you. Be exclusively theirs and ask that they be exclusively yours. And then build together. Build for a peaceful and comfortable future. Your partner will appreciate knowing your goodies are exclusively for them. The love, admiration and respect that goes in to monogamous relationships is unprecedented.

So if you're in your late 20s/ early 30s and you're still out here sleeping with every one, just stop. It's nasty and dangerous and just plain senseless. Find you a ride or die and build together. And if all fails in looking for a partner, please don't become desperate and choose some random fool just to be in a relationship. Stay single and enjoy your self. Your life partner is out there and will find you eventually.

Thank me later!  

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