Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dope Chick... Crystal Stoute

Of course I'm featuring my amazing business partner and friend as my first "Dope Chick". Duh, why wouldn't I. *flips hair*

Crystal Stoute, a phenomenal woman and friend. 

Super exciting story follows... Keep reading. 

I first met Crys about 7 or 8 years ago when I was a party animal and an addicted to clubbing 7 days a week. Crystal is by far one of the best NYC club connoisseurs ever, and I'm not just saying that. Her fashion sense, ability to decipher the movers and shakers and her West Indian "take no shit" attitude, allows her to be a force that's not to be fucked with. 

After a few years of seeing her manhandling the NYC club scene I decided to speak. It's only right to be polite with someone you see so often. However, Miss Stoute wanted nothing to do with my "Hello's". No matter how often I smiled and greeted her, I would receive a blank stare and an occasional rolling of the eyes. For some reason I continued to greet her.

One night, after far too many drinks, I said "Goodnight" to Crystal as I was exiting the club. I recieved her usual "I am not interested" stare, and due to the ridiculous amount of Patron I consumed that night, I got all the way in my feelings and yelled out something unkind to her, then left. 
The next night, as I arrive to yet another club, Crystal wasted no time and asked "What did you say yesterday?". I thought to myself, Uh oh ... But, after a brief and very mature conversation, we decided to squash it and start over... That was the beginning of one of my most cherished friendships. 

Fast forward a few years and I can truly say I admire this woman. She works so hard and almost non stop. She is fabulous in the way she carries herself and demands respect. Her fashion sense and stylish  choices give me goosebumps. She's a family woman who goes to bat for her loved ones. And astly, she is the type of friend I'd pay top dollar to keep. The type of friend girls pray for. So genuine and sincere and always in  your corner. Crystal is what I like to call "one of the real ones". Something we can't say often these days.

A few years later I approached Crystal with a business proposal and being the optimistic opportunist that she is, she jumped right aboard. Once again proving to me how astounding she truly is.

I adore this girl!

A year later we are business owners, pahtnahs (as we like to jokingly say) and FRIENDS.
How cool is that.

My first "Dope Chick", and rightfully so, is Crystal Stoute, a phenomenal woman and friend.

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