Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Side Chicks and Side Dudes... Why They Are Currently Winning!

We see it everywhere we look. The side dudes and side chicks are on the come up and are totally winning these days,,, IF that's what you consider winning. *the shade*

Back in the days, being someone's "side piece" was a hidden secret thing that brought shame to the said side piece. These days it's a totally different ball game. Side pieces are actually replacing spouses and families. Side pieces are not only becoming a permanent fixture in the life of the cheater, but they are now becoming the spouses and getting the houses, cars and vacations. Smmfh. 

But, this isn't the obvious bashing of the side piece post. This post will, instead, shed light on why the side pieces are now in high demand and are getting EVERYTHING. 

You fools aren't doing your jobs!!! 

Side pieces are winning because they are ready and willing to please the cheater by any means necessary. They go above and beyond to satisfy the said cheater. Making the cheater happy is their main goal. While the spouse or "main piece" has gotten comfortable and lazy with their title. No longer doing everything possible to keep their spouse satisfied, getting sloppy and fat, no more surprises to keep your honey excited and interested. These cheaters sometimes feel backed in to a corner that only a side piece can get them out of. Some side pieces even put themselves in danger by participating in illegal activities. Anything to please and be in favor of the cheater. 

Let me get a little more detailed and give you a personal example (I'm always throwing myself under the bus to help you guys out lol)... So, I was in a relationship for over 5 years with my boyfriend at the time. He was so perfect in the 1st few years. Always telling me I'm beautiful, taking me all over town to wine and dine me, taking me on adventures to other cities, giving me the most amazing sex and constantly reassuring me that he had my back always. A few years in and all of these things slowed down dramatically. I continued to love him the same, but he fell off more and more. I began feeling unworthy and unappreciated. It caused arguments and what I like to call "scars on the relationship". After 5 years together, we hardly romanced eachother or even spoke to each other much. We loved eachother very much but I don't think we liked eachother that much anymore. No matter how much I tried, he was comfortable and assumed that since I was "his" he had nothing to worry about. I started going out more and getting the attention that I lacked at home. I met a friend, also known as, a side piece. He reminded me how beautiful I was, how worthy of love I was, how smart I was, how desired I was. My side piece took me places and showed me things. He taught me things, protected me and supported me. He was my everything! Something my man forgot to be ... Needless to say, I didn't end up with either one of them. Messy situations never work out in the end. 
*Note: It's always best to make yourself feel amazing so that your not expecting it from someone else*

I say that to say, STAY ON POINT with your significant other. Don't leave any room for someone to slip in and do better than you. As humans, we lose interest quickly. You must do all that you can to keep your honey happy, interested and satisfied. Everyone wants to feel special and needed therefore It's your job to keep giving your love that feeling of being desired. Because, there is always a side piece lurking on the outskirts waiting for you to slip up and snatch up what's yours. No matter how long you're together, always go super hard for the one you love.

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