Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Stalkers... And why you shouldn't be one!

 Hey loves... I have a stalker, and I'd like to speak on it quickly. 

a person who stealthily hunts or pursues an animal or another person.
a person who harasses or persecutes someone with unwanted and obsessive attention.

What are the odds that 3 of my friends, and myself, have stalkers at the same time?!? Must be something in those pumpkin spiced lattes *rolls eyes*.

I am speaking on this because I am tired of seeing women stoop so low as to want to stalk the next person. Especially when it's for a man. 

No No No Ladies!! And gentlemen too!

This behavior is unacceptable. My mom raised me to be a strong woman, never to let any one see me sweat, and furthermore never to let any one make me sweat. I would never ever EVER stalk or harass another person because I'm upset with a man. Lord, just typing the words made me cringe. I'm not certain if it's pride but, "I ain't gon do it"!!

Us women are indeed emotional and tend to act on our extra sensitive emotions but ITS NOT OK!! I am here to tell you amazing and beautifully worthy women that we are worth more than engaging in this destructive and incredibly unhealthy behavior. No man, woman, or child is worth emotional instability. I feel sorry for my stalker, a grown woman and mother. I think to myself "why doesn't she love herself and her life more?" and "why waste precious time on a stranger who has nothing to do with the original reason she is angry?". I feel sorry for anyone who is in so much emotional pain that they result in lashing out this way. I also feel sorry for her life and freedom if she ever took things too far *side eye*... You never know what kind of person is on the stalked side and may not realize that they may be a little crazier than the actual stalker. Food for thought. 

Being the stalker will never make things better. They spend day in and day out with a vengeful heart and mind which is draining and very negative. They may get hurt or lose their freedom, resulting in a lot of hurt family and friends. Lastly, no matter what, at some point in life when the stalker becomes mature enough, they will regret everything but can't take what they've done back. The stalker never ever wins, even when they are extremely convinced that they have won. 

Being a stalker is extremely draining and just plain sad. I am constantly saying "where is this persons family and friends?" and "why doesn't she value herself?". No one should ever spend countless energy and precious time on someone. You don't get that time back. 

So ladies, and gents, if you have considered stalking or are currently stalking, Bee Darling wants to say STOP THAT SHIT!! Go get a Mani/Pedi, start a business, treat yourself to an amazing dinner,pamper yourself! Go be happy and let go of the obvious burden. 

These are my simply my opinions. 

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