Friday, October 23, 2015

Reading: 'Midnight' A Gangster Love Story... by Sister Souljah

Hey babes... I'm back with another favorite and I wouldn't be surprised if it's a fave of yours as well. 

I first read this book 5 years ago around my 30th birthday. It was a gift from an ex and I am forever grateful because it changed my life. I am currently reading it for the 4th time and it's still so darn good!! 

Although I was born Muslim, I didn't practice most of my life. I was a wild and crazy Brooklyn girl with "islamic/muslim roots". My mom, dad, uncles and a few aunts were practicing heavy in the 80's but a lot of them, including my mom, lost the religion before I was old enough to respect and adore it.
Once I completed Midnight, A Gangster Love Story, I almost immediately took my shahadah (an oath Muslims take to assure we are committed and believe in the Muslim way). My Muslim roots were awakened. All of a sudden my name had so much more meaning and I was so proud and happy to have been BORN MUSLIM. The way Islam was written about, the dedication Midnight had, the discipline and overall community feel of Islam was exactly what I needed in my life. The #1 reason I love this book is because it reintroduced me to my beloved Islam.

Another reason this book is a favorite is because of how flawless she made the main character, Midnight. He is by far the man of my dreams, lol. His maturity, his dedication to Islam and his family, his intelligence, his deep love for his lady, his strength and masculinity along with his height and dark skin complexion *swoooon*. Although he is a fictional character, Sister Souljah was able to capture all of the qualities I truly adore in a man. Midnight is simply dreamy.

I also love the fact that it's based in my hometown Brooklyn. It reminds me of my gritty yet adventurous childhood and makes the book extremely relatable as I recognize all of the areas and landmarks mentioned.

Lastly, I absolutey cling to the life lessons that are sprinkled throughout. Miss Souljah cleverly threw in dozens of gems all through the entire book.  I will forever cherish and use them all. I especially love the knowledge passed down by Midnights sensei. When he says things like  "move in silence" and "never underestimate your opponent " I am truly listening and taking mental notes. I am a lover of knowledge and this book has tons of it.

The way Midnight lives his life, the way he loves, his masculinity and militant demeanor has truly shown  me how I'd prefer to live my life.
Quiet, intelligent, loving deep and trusting no one outside my incredibly small circle will forever be the base of who I am,, thanks to Sister Souljah and a fictional, yet very life like, character named Midnight.

Bee Darling approved!!

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