Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Music: The Weeknd, 'Beauty Behind The Madness

I have been a die hard fan of The Weeknd since the very first Mixtape, 'Glass Table Girls'.  He is a creative and musical genius in my eyes. 

I've been anticipating this album for years and it was well worth the wait. I love every single song including the obvious "Can't Feel My Face" & "Earned it". But it's the not so obvious that are my faves. As a bona-fide "Emo", girl my top 3 are "Shameless", "Dark Times" & "Tell Your Friends"!!
I was sold on the entire album upon hearing the "Tell Your Friends" lyrics "They told me not to fall in love, that shit is pointless"!! ... I mean, like seriously,  I felt that shit in my entire soul. (Love,,, tuh, I'll touch on that bizarre and completely confusing topic in a later blog post.)

So, get it. Asap. It's amazing. Lots of emo stuff for us emotional folks and lots of dance songs for us dance lovers. 

Leave your thoughts on the album below... Am I the only one who feels this passionate about this album? 

Speak on it! 

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